Dear S,
Here I stand alone today, in a beautiful summer sunset by the sparkling clear water of the lake midst tall trees and a cool breeze. I still miss you. There was a time when we stood alone underneath the starry skies. Felt presence of each other in the scarlet twilight.
Months now, have passed. Still the tides of our olfactory experiences knock on the consciousness, and I feel alone. But I write to you tonight, may be by doing so the catharsis will begin and may render my soul usable. You know S, it is not until I wanted to use my heart again, that I felt, how irreparable it was.
Now, in the winter of my life, when the nature of my insanity is inexplicable, I venture out to the prison of memories I had created for you. I cannot even Imagine, how that would be like. But you said that I had nothing ever to fear from you.
I will bask in your presence, in this enclosure of reminiscence.

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