A concealed plight.

This is a post I was not planning for but after I saw all the media and the new so called social upliftment lectures today I decided to write this. This represents my prerogative, please don’t ban me 😀 . Well. We all know our good old book Gita, which incidentally came to be banned in some country. Anyhow, what is Gita? It is a dialogue between Arjuna and Krishna while fighting a battle when Arjuna gave an order to fallback and was unable to kill his own brothers who raged battle against him, two very renowned mythological character of the Hindu mythology. “modern” society.

Well in this case Arjuna the young army commander and Krishna his driver. Arjuna would have been barking orders on his walkie-talkie for a fallback of his army and Krishna, who is a driver but with fair experience says that he should not continue with the fallback and moreover give a lecture on how he should handle his duties. I presume he would be fired for insubordination, his mind dissected and he even might

have gotten a cavity search.violence and insubordination. He was primarily a milkman and his biological
parents were ex-convicts.

What his fate would be? He would have cursed himself his entire life for that dialogue; much less being published as a religious scripture. Also he might undergo psychological treatment for having a scared childhood. Finally he would have committed suicide himself. And his love life would have been very weird. He would never get married, because when he would return all the girls he once romanced are now old, married or divorced. He had a thing for older women when he was a child.he once got really pleased because a bunch of furry animals helped him build a bridge. So he blessed a squirrel by rubbing his hand on him. His “rubbing”, I meant blessing was so that he had his fingerprints all over his body and there after all his descendants had stripes, the divine mark. These stripes have helped squirrels to hide from predators. It is quite a powerful defense mechanism.of implications for the act and the entire corporate media would have jumped over this. Maneka Gandhi would have paid a visit to the squirrel and his family. The finger prints would have been analyzed. Then a court case, well you know the drill. Moreover people would have tweeted and updated their facebook statues as how rich people think that they can do anything.

Also after the stripes being transferred to his descendants, media would have also suspected that this might be a case of violation. And termed the entire incident as a sexual offence and even called Ram a barbarian. May be even for experimentation on innocent animals.happened). Where they questioned freethinker, and ended up crucifying Jesus. And later on praised him and his beliefs. Anyone who spoke differently was either hanged or crucified. A war rages for hundreds of years in the Middle East. Free thinking women were killed, tortured andmutilated. Apparently History repeats itself, somewhere or the other. Seen and felt, I would leave too. So what they did was (according to acrazy thought), they gave us manuals, like Vedas and The Bible, and left us to understand them on our own. With our intellect. With our free thinking. Everyone is unique and everyone will have a different interpretation of the manuals. But none of them will be wrong. None of them should be discarded and thrown away. and question them; also put a negative aspect into it every time and emphasize on it. exist.” applicable on all things under the sun. Simplicity truly is divine.
Let’s see if I can contemplate how this would have panned out in our Now he is blue in color, recently thrown out of the army for encouraging Now let’s analyze Ram’s encounter with a squirrel. As the folk tale goes; Had Ram rubbed this little fellow today, then there would have been hoards These were actually very common in the western world (these actually We sometimes wonder that why we don’t see God. Well after all that they had I’d like to think of this as a corporate decision. So yes, we have evolved to a state where we have learned to analyze things I once read a quote: “Do not over analyzed things; you will create a problem that doesn’t even Our entire history we have strived to go beyond the obvious. But it is not
Thank you.

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