Divine Tweeting

Let’s understand one small thing. Tweeting is not a new concept. This had had been going on for quite some time now, may be even before we had the concept of electricity. This was a very powerful concept when one actually sees the history of our texts. In Hindu religion we have seen the evolution of vedas, which are merely a collection of shlokas. Thes shlokas have been gathered for many years by writers and the best of them were published. Kind of like getting a retweet from popular verified accounts.All I am trying to say here is: –

Shlokas = {set of Divine tweets/status updates on facebook}Conversations

{Gita, Bible, Quran, Guru Grant Sahib etc.} = {Mentions|Endorsements -> Popularity (actors/indutrialists/may be even close friends and relatives)}

Stories = Blogs/Websites/facebookWars = Distress of the masses,

Economic instability and other subject  tweets.Twitter and social networks are nothing more than the evolution of these concepts of being paperless. 


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