A magicians corroboration.

An angel with dark wings fell on my roof. Holding in her hand was heart that was beating no more. I offered her a shelter, beside the reading table. She never talked much to me, until one day she decided to find something common between us, or so I think. You see dears; we had nothing in common to begin with. I was a magician at the troll king’s court. The king was just and kind. She however was a young and free spirit, a Lucifer’s angel. One day I was making my own devices; she jumped on me and showed me her cadaver. Oh it was quite a site. I had never seen something quite so pretty. The angel felt sad to see me sad. 
Quite ironically I never had visited a grave yard before, especially one meant for archangels. I never knew what to do. Perhaps I always thought the sanctity of the grave was much too divine for a commoner like me. Nevertheless, she handed me that heart of hers. Yes it was red, bloody and stained with betrayal, with layers of nothingness. She kept snarling to me, screeching like a banshee. After all I was just a machinist, how can I help, I asked. Her tears almost burnt me.
I wondered what she was trying to express. Then I realized, something was broken, deep inside. Something wasn’t right. And right there near her chest, something was disordered. I was always good with puzzles. I knew right away, she needed her heart fixed. I took her back to my workshop, and began tinkering with it. As I began clearing the layers of snow stone and dust, I realized it was made of gold. “I need gold”, I said to myself. I remembered having a ring, the one my mother had left me. And it was perfect for her, her heart that is. All this time, she kept quiet and sat on the porch. I gave her a cup of hot milk. I like milk you know; I always have some around me. As I journeyed back hurriedly to her corpse, I had a feeling deep inside, I was afraid of the dark. And right behind me was her. Yes she was. Then I realized, I don’t need to be scared, albeit, I am a magician. Upon a close examination, I connected the wires and set the algorithms of her straight, this in its entirety she watched, mum as ever. And now for the final ingredient. A cup-cake to drain out all the poison she had had for all this time.
And she lived again, as she did, the dark angel began to vanish and fade into the night. It was almost dawn, and she was herself again. I’d imagined she would be beautiful, and that was just an understatement. With her long flowing hairs, rosy flesh and a hopeful smile. She thanked me and made me a cup of hot chocolate. Oh she smelt perfect. And encouraged me to ask of her anything to my heart’s content.

The whole idea was difficult for me to sink in. She was the perfect being again. I still remembered as the cold corpse began to breathe. It was a sight of marvel for me. For a moment I just gasped, a bit more than usual. Her deep blue eyes were staring right through me. Her smile was inviting, and couldn’t help but ask myself the question as to who broke her heart. With all these thought in my head, all I could say was, “I am getting late, I have to go to the library.” She smiled and said, “Don’t be late.” So there I was, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life, standing right in the middle of my shed, asking me to come home soon. It was a feeling I had never felt before. At least not until a few moments ago. I moved quickly, to the door, awkwardly too. She smiled and closed the door behind me. But I didn’t ask anything of her, and so I guess she stayed.
She had cured me of my fear of darkness. And now, she was whole again. Our paths had crossed. And for this moment, right at this moment I realized, no matter how broken something is, it can always be fixed. And there is always a hope, that a heart would start beating again, no matter how long you have stopped it from doing so.
With all the spells in the world nothing was as charming as her. There, the most perfect creation, a woman.
May be all we want is someone to come home to, a haunting thought wouldn’t you say?
..The end..

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