A good morning.

A lovely morning, I woke up to the sound of thunder and lightening. And to my surprise, I still had some time left on my alarm clock. I looked at the foot of the bed, she was sitting there. For a moment I was happy, again. I hadn’t slept for days, and the work is making my mind weary. With every grumbling and complaint of the enraged sky I would feel a certain endeavour to look passed the obvious and venture in to the elusive fact that she is alive and we are together. I am afraid. That is not the case. At least not any more. She is now gone, to better place. But I know about the nothingness that she is in now. Suspended in between eternity and beyond. A light must surround her. A calm, finally, the one she deserves. We always imagine a life after death. But we live in an earth bound body, strictly allegorically speaking. So how would you live after death?

This haunting question has been with humanity since the dawn of civilization. Amidst all these questions, I seek a simple answer. I refuse to believe, that, in the universe the methods are so evading or perhaps escaping of human logic.

Some day soon, I intend to venture in to this rather unhealthy overture into the deep dark recesses and find this inescapable truth.

P.S. The sinner wrote it in a hurry, at the air port. He will soon edit it.



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