A good night.

With some what of an utopian look at the world I sit tight on my chair. With hardly enough time to glance at the mirror. I had been looking out to the sky a lot, lately. Night, day, it doesn’t really matter. It always feels the same, empty, hollow, bit like me. Like a mere shell of a former self.

I am currently in between houses and this led me to hire a carpenter. He one day asked about the weight of my books. For he strongly recomended a stronger shelf. And might even had suggested on some level, that the shelves are mightier than the book. You see, I really couldn’t answer the question, neither of the pages of those books had it written. Perhaps such vaggaries need to be entertained with a subtle hint of humor and innate importance. Any how, the day went just perfect, or I thought so it did.

Now an empty house and empty me. Work begins on a new week. A news of a friend passing away due to unnatural causes. Quite a time in my life. But I am not complaining. For I can always smile and hide the bits of me that need not be seen in public.

With candlestine intention of watching a movie I called up a friend, and inquired about her life of which I had little to no interest. It was a Monday evening, and I was feeling terribly alone. I had a sudden flash back. S had that stare, so crytal and invigorating that it would look right through the nonsense and into me, to my somewhat of a soul, that she had made for me. She could always know when I was sad, and treated me to a nice cup of coffee, that she would make. Perfect it was.

Destitution of hope, led me to a dark place, in the woods. Where I saw the moon, just perfect. I did wish to share it with some one, the sight was truly humbling and splenderful, and merely words would be an understatement, for such a sight to my sore eyes.

And with that thought in mind I wandered into the weeds. Looked around, and found nothing, but it was alright, I wonder what would I have had done if I did find something or worse someone. And then the night whispered dawn unto thy earth. Truly it was a moment of epiphany, and quite conducive as a far as I was. I realised something.

For you see, we do not celebrate the night enough, to welcome a dawn and we do not rejoice the day make ammends with self, for a celebration in the night.

And this is all that the sinner has too say, for now.

Have a lovely day.



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