My views on a Sunday afternoon.

A simple man walks by, you do not notice him. And inadvertently you assume he is not interesting and leads a life of no significance. But how many of you had noticed his shoes, his pen, his bag and above all the ring that he has? He is enthuse for life, hence he is running. He fights everyday. A smile might just make his day. You see we, have gotten used to ignorance, well also arrogance and we treat everyone with no attention at all. We have become so full of ourselves that we forget what life is all about. Its about connecting. Be an engineer, lawyer or a doctor most importantly where is your being? The essence of life. The human connection is lacking in a measure profoundly unknown and unfortunately we do not have a scale for this.
We have become so good at it, we dismiss things and without even considering what we are dismising. You look, but do not see, you hear but do not listen. It is not because of an urbanised busy schedule. It is because of your high, or rather extremely high, self esteem. Where is this coming from? Well it came from another person who actually took the time to get to know you. He cared for you. He showed interest in you, supported you and you ended up hating him eventually. Because you developed an ego. Well you see, an overgrown ego is the resultant of caring. And no there is no such thing as over caring, its called smothering. But we are not talking about that. You see caring is not “uncool” its a sign that you are strong enough to be enough for some one else.

Well it takes skill to actually not cannibalise your own people. For most of us have a tendency to cut the heads of our friends, literally and figuratively. This is why most first time criminal offenses are committed at domicile. The whole idea behind screwing up your own well wishers is quite prudent, so that you can satisfy your sadistic habit of cruelty which was somehow injected to you at a very tender age. May be by a relative a friend or even some incident. This is also an usual result of hyper-paranoia.

Coming to a simple point again. I have seen many people of my age not following the societal rules. Even encouraging people not to do so. Well you see, those rules are your own, your own culture and again you are cannibalising that very essence of you. For what you do against your culture, you parents, your friends is a simply hurting an extention of your ownself, and that will eventually catch up to you. We all all islands in an ocean. If we start burning the bridges we would have isolation. They type you won’t like latter. There is no use doing this. Fight for youself, and for your fellow man. Or get ruled by an animal, like its happening. You have corrupted yourselves to the very extent of the dark edges of a pleasant hell which you have grown used to. For staying in it for so long, has blinded your faith over this humanity.

Now you sit in that deep, cold and dark piece of hell and think of yourself as a sun. But yet you lack the knowledge to be a sun, a splendor. In an irony if you did have the knowledge you would not have considered yourself to be the sun. Its quite simple really. Isn’t it?

The answer to this, chaos, is simple, brighten other people, for their light will fall on you and you will shine brighter than the morning sky. Be happy with what you have, for content can hold knowledge. And life would be a breeze. With that attitude in life, you would never feel alone.

So before cannibalising, and cursing the rules of nature, life and the communtiy, of course above all your friends and family, think what you are doing. Think about the why. Why challenge something because some one from an alien land thinks it is funny?

I will site a small example –

A girl, not so long ago posed naked on her blog. The why here is free publicity, a pure madness. You see western woman dress? And no they don’t wear a mini skirt or a bikini all the time. Its their demeaning TV that shows it. It iis not real. In reality they don’t wear provocative dresses and live much like us indians, and I have seen it happen for many months. So wearing a bikini and walking down the road is as uncouth in our country as England or USA or Australia. Please understand this.

“Of all the things you do in the dark, thinking is not an impossible task. While standing at the brink, stop two seconds and think. For light doesn’t turn out yout thought, write to your soul in your thinking ink.”

P.S. – No, it is not ok to do whatever you want to do all the time, else Hitler would still be running free. All living creatures have a basic set of moral values. They know right from wrong. When these principles are violated by a fellow man or woman, SHOUT!



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