The whispers in your celebration conveys the joy of the festivals.

I could still remember his face before he burnt it down, just to get high.

May be a lovely bunch of human beings reminiscing the very essence of being themselves. Unknowingly moving over to a side that has nothing. And then they spill the darkness out on to the light. They want to dim the light. But in reality all they want in the darkness to go away. The dark, the reflections of non-existence can not be dimmed. Some thing that doesn’t exist can not be dimmed. The silent voices in the deepest darkest recesses of your mind won’t drown, unless you let the light in.

One could have chosen to sit in a dark corner and brood. For you see, a person who really travels hardly enjoys it. But he has the wait. He can understand the true meaning of leisure. Some of you join the cult and start pulling down each other, despite of the fact that the one you are pulling down has never even considered such dogma.

For you see, in waiting and doing there is a certain stigma. Well not many of them can pull that.

So I leave you with this thought – Would you help and get helped or pull people down and be let down. Its your choice, always has been and always will be.



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