You see, its these questions that drives us. Our loneliness is nothing but our own self created prisons for the mind. There are perfectly good ways to keep oneself entertained and accompanied for the rest of our lives. But that is not enough for, most.

As in my case, I have stopped seeking company in real life. The disapointments have simply out weighed the reasons. Everytime I see people rejoicing someone’s company I do feel bad, but not enough to want some. Daily I see people laughing and smiling, and pretending to be happy in eachother’s company 24 hrs a day. I have to do that too. But I have developed a way to be with myself, my books, my writting and myself. I do not keep company at night or at a certain part of the day. You see, being alone let’s you focus on yourself. Worry about what could be and what could not be.

Somehow I am yet to find a reason, why I need company and what are its brightest sides. For you see, I believe I can live alone, moving in a pack is not the best idea for me.

Even in this post I have written too many ‘I’.

I need to believe in something or some one, especially. For I too want to see what company is.  Too many disappointments in the human race has made me look at it like a completely different species.


One thought on “Company

  1. Sigh …human race has become such that we have stop expecting….but then someday we yearn for it….for humans are born social in the end…Alas…only if the race was as human as it was created..

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