I can feel my sanity slipping away. Each day is tougher than others. I feel this will not heal, as sometime ago I tried. You see, I tell stories and help people to satisfy my needs. Well the hope of it coming back to me is the problem. May be one day I will stop expecting returns for my deeds.
But that should be fun to see. If I give up my ways I wonder what will I be. Its rather confusing. I have lost my anchor. Now I float. I function. The social duties need be completed. I am a son, I have to drag on until sometime long. I await my completion of responsibility towards my family and society. After they are completed I know I will be left alone. But that’s alright. I wanted it that way all along. And that day will be the end of story for me. I don’t wish to be a part of anymore stories. No more risks. No more life.
Somehow I have always found the concept of love to be demeaning any way. Its have been 5 years now, since I had loved a girl. I never actually had a girl in my life, nor friends. But elders have always respected me because I faught alone. And won. Well mostly.
Any how, money seems to be the thing I want now, so that I can fulfill my duties. Finish what I had come here for. Yes.
I will keep my views for you to know. I will cure you of corruption. I will heal your sorrows. But you won’t see me. You will hate me. As you do.



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