Ventures of an employed mind

This past month had taught me so many things. My very deeds this past month can only be expressed as a venture of an employed mind.

You see everyday when I used to come back home at night I could see so many people being treating themselves as animals. One wonders then if it is right or wrong. Well I really can not know. I see the rape incident had happened right at the very specific time when I was present may be 5 kiloometers away and I did not even know about it. I saved a girl again too a couple of nights ago. I have finally sentoff my ex to her home, now I no longer have to watch over her.

Work had been hectic and I know it will be even more. But as long as I am getting some money and a vocation to keep me busy, I am quite alright with that.

Now a last night I seem to have developed a certain dillema about my own rules in life. It is whether or not I should have company in life, especially of a woman. I am a loner and I am quite fine with that. As we go along the roads of life its like the mind itself tricks you into wanting some one for yourself.

It is quiet pathetic, I know. So I need to divert my mind out of such incipid overtures and move on.

The lids of sanity now open and the stench of insanity of my lonesome darkness will follow.


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