A Social Holiday

Do you know what is the scariest thing in the world? That  deep dark feeling in your stomach, and a recurring question in your mind. Well, the feeling of not having a place in the world, and worse yet the fear of it. For you see, fear can make you do strange things. Things that you were not even capable of, except, think.

You see we all wonder at points of time, what we would be in the near future, like a career, love and usually the root cause of the fear is living alone. Indeed, the fear of being alone is the most important factor in driving people away from our lives. For you underestimate your own company dear ones.

Give yourself a chance, take a “Social Holiday”. Be with yourself. Pamper yourself, spoil yourself. For you are the only one who can do that. Your irrational fears would only drive you away from your original goal. Don’t worry, at all, the fear for a place in this world only when your obituary is printed. That is the true place we all are going, one day or today. Its time you gave up on people. Its honestly enough disappointment, no? Some how people always have disappointed me. In one way or another.

A time comes in your life, when you wonder what exactly it is all about. It is a kind of crisis we all have suffered in our course here.  

We might want a lot of things, and might attain them for however brief amount of time it is, but all we really need and get out life is an urn, or a willow box, six feet under.


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