By the moon light –

Have you seen blood by the moon light? The pure darkness of the seas and the black night merged in an unholy union. It is quite dark I can assure you. The flowing river of the crimson mixture pours the woman in a deep slumber as from which she would never wake up again.

Her resplendent beauty and face that grows pale every hour is a stark of how frail she can be and still is. Her eyes glisten but she can't speak. Her neck, once a touch of velvet was now pure scarlet. Yes a scarlet puddle from the wounds of insanity. Yes she looks still so beautiful.

I walk up to her and sat beside, it was almost dawn and tiny specs on life lay in her. She wasn't struggling much now. Her flowing hairs which matched her hazel eyes was soft, still flowing in the currents of the river.

Its morning now, she lay still, her skin is cold and she is as still as a scared mouse. Her heart beats no more, I cut it out of her and showed it to her, as how cold and dark it was. It was so, I cn assure you.

Then I carried her back from the woods and now she sits next to me everyday, I had cleaned her soul, her heart and now forever she was mine. The stench of her rotting corpse gives me life everyday.

She is mine now, a festive thought it is. No?

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