When the time flies to the corners of unreachable traitorous realm of the unknown. We can wonder about the life that once was. People, their faces, their habits. Everything. I know I won't ever be a memory for anyone. But many have been for me. It is a nice feeling when some one remembers you. Feels for you and takes care of you. But life has not blessed all of us with such powers. We can't work through those and are forced to be alone all life. Its not always a conscious choice and most people don't forgive your stupidity they rather make fun of it time and again and make you a social joke. Which after a point becomes unbearable and you behin to snap. But people don't really care, no one does. You drive yourself away from the crowd and sit in a corner awaiting death.

All he needs is a helping hand a person who ignores the stupidity and the goofiness of his, laugh at his jokes and just take care of him. Teach him to be funny and some wit. Most people need a social lubricant for some its alcohol and for a few of us its people who are socially accepted. You see its simple. If one accepts you others would too. After everything social misfits are extremely intelligent in logic. They view the entire world in a very logical and critical and cynical way.

Its a cry for help you know. They ave walls and if some one can break it once. I am sure it would be another chance on his life. Don't let him die.

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