I miss you

In the quite of the night I wonder what you are doing for me. I sometimes would like to see if you really teared a tear for me in the time I wasn’t around. I always had a feeling of no love by your side, but you lied to me everyday with that angel face of yours. I did do what I wanted to do, but alas you convinced me that I wasn’t enough for you.


Your definition of life and love was some what different to mine. But I don’t blame you I was in utopia. I believed that we could be together only for the reason that we were in love. I did try to move on after you. But it never happened. Now I know I am dying. I do miss a touch of yours every day, evey moment. I flirt I drink I smoke and even try to kill myself from time to time, but what if this is not the way now. You left me for some one else, and never bothered, all the promises that you had made to me and I had to you are now worthless.


Its winter now, and I feel cold everyday, even more so in your absence. You did justice to yourself. I don’t blame you in reality. Not by a bit. Its ok, life moves on. It has to move on. Entropy is never still.


But I do miss you…


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