The true cause.

It was a typical saturday and I wanted to be home. But she dragged me out and a friend as well accompanied us. While I was traveling I was wondering to myself as to what am I doing and why. I never really liked her, yet I went out there to a place with her. Both us guys were on the guard all the time as she enjoyed the fun a frolic of the river side.

She has this habit of making people agree to her always.

Anyway now it was her idea that we go to the protest march in esplanade. At first it sounded odd and stupid. But as she explained her point I found my reason of being there. I wanted to be there because it was for the girl. If walking 2 blocks would give her some peace, so be it.

I even got to know a bit about her. Asked a few stupid questions. But still it was fine. I did wish for a moment that she was single but she was not. I haven't felt like that for sometime now. But I shouldn't I don't deserve to ruin another human being's life. I don't want another person, but I do. I really do.

It gets lonely and all I do is work. It gets sad, and all I do is drink. Its gets suffocating, I smoke.

Life is fine.

I function. I can pay a few bills. I hope I can pay more. Give my parents an extravagant old age and myself a lot of luxury. I will sin in any if required to do so. But I will be celibate. No woman. No people. No one dear. Or near.

Its my curse to be lonely and a blessing to be alone. I miss no one and no one misses me.

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