The way of life :

The ordinary way of life is “life by probability”. There are no absolutes. No black or white. people don’t act as per some preordained law, but a mere bias, based on probabilities and premonitions of different outcomes perceived at that point of time. For example, they will follow a king who has a higher probability of staying in power. The moment the probabilities change, their loyalties do as well. If there re laws in such a society, they are malleable upon the circumstances and situations. The same laws can be interpreted differently at different points of time. Change is the only constant, or so we make it.
The true way of life is , life by laws. laws that don’t change are not susceptible to circumstances. The laws that were made and not crated out of some gibberish of lesser mortals. This hold traditions, freedom of will and thinking and original ideas are never suppressed nor would there be any crimes as we can see that such a world would exist in itself and help the dwellers co exist among themselves. There would be always a yes or a no. The true balance. There should be no room for ambiguity.
Karma will be God in such civilizations.

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