The last:

As the doctor nodded his head I could understand that he had given up. There’s nothing more that he could do. It was only a matter of time before I became just another corpse. All my accomplishments, my genius and my self confidence were a muse.

However while my father, a priest and an accountant was by my side. Yes, in one hand a man of religion and a sly money maker on the other. I see the irony now. He did believe in karma. He told me in an agitated whispering voice, that it was time for me to turn into another life form.

As funny it was, I found hope. And a few moments, I found myself in a place which was quite unlike ever before. A light flickering, warm winds and a buzzing noise as if a crowd of onlookers have gathered. Yes It was my funeral. I was in the pyre. The warmth grasped me while I heard the chanting of mantras. The dark feeling is now gone. I was being cleansed by the light and warmth of the fire. It was as if when my mother pulled over a warm blanket over me during cold winter nights. And in a few minutes I was out. Light as a feather. No feeling. No regrets. And most importantly no memory of what so ever had happened.

The next moment I found myself in a cold dark place and several flashes of light appeared. A hooded man, weary and thin was standing. I somehow didn’t feel comfortable in his presence, but had to ask for directions. He pointed me to the flashes and said “jump”. It was confusing. I walked the other way. The wall appeared yet again. As if this was star light. A night sky with no clouds.

I jumped. Yes I did. I exactly didn’t have a choice. I fell in to a puddle. It was red, blood red. A ghastly smell surrounded me. I thought to myself, it was hell.

And then, human voices, I saw an opening beneath my feet. I slipped. These beings were huge, the ones I saw on the other side.

A realization dawned, my memoirs refreshed. I was reborn!

The last thought in my head, my dad saying “a better place”. I cried out,”he better be right”.


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