Pictures & People

We all love pictures. They are frozen pieces of time. As you all must have heard, a picture is worth a thousand words. However they are worth moments and may be, just may be its never as good enough as a written word. Probably incomparable, the two are. For you see it is a stint of your own life, how ever small it may be captured vividly. Most of us love taking pictures, some even love to pose with style, others are some what apprehensive about it, but deep down they do fall in either of the category. 

You see the commonality between all of us is that we love sharing a good picture, especially our own. Yes, we do. 

Now you see Dorian Gray was a man who had a lovely picture of himself but never dare to look upon it as he would age, as his soul was tied to it. In most cultures it was believed that a picture is a part of your soul. So keeping Occam aside, can we deduce that we are sharing a piece of our soul? So now in this day and age if we had to think, with social media publishing booming; are our pictures becoming more popular than us?Twitter, facebook, etc all have made each and every single one of us into a celebrity. And quite as effectively we have exploited its use for the good and bad. Come to think of it, may be, just may be we have become unsocial on some level and our pictures are enjoying our lives instead. In some parallel universe this might just be happening as we speak. 

And after the end, these digital signatures of our soul will imprint this universe, and may even evolve in to intelligent “photonic” life form unknowing of their primordial soup.

Thank you.



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