The month of autumn, Holi and exams. Its a time of the year that instill anxiety, a natural of the sort. Every year this month I had my exams, and some how every day I wake up this month, it tells me that another paper is waiting for me. The true understanding of life has to come from this very month. You see even marriages, are an integral part of this month. However its me who feels that this month and until up to its last day we have hopes, which we had had dreamed a decade ago. For we were once students and learnt to dream in this month over a cup of warm bournvita or a slice of cake to score more than we deserve. In exams or in life, with mates or jobs. This is the month that teaches us hope and the very concept of wanting more in not just a spiritual way, its also the final month of a financial year. Its time to take stock of everything, your life to its last second. Yes.

Happy March!



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