Life & family

Family, perhaps the ones we are born to or grow up with, some we chose and called friends. And life has a way of testing us with family. And providing unpleasant reminders of a bitter truth. If life was really as beautiful, why do most of us have worst of our memories in abundance. Why can't we just be happy? Why doesn't life let us be happy? And loneliness is nothing that great a thing to celebrate. Going against natural of humans being social animals, this is. You see things like, evolution and natural selection gives us a stark reminder that life was never a happy beginning it always had been a messy and an incredibly sad cosmic business of which we are mere specs of dust, at the superlative.

The only fact that one can find solace in is that life ends so does our family and the contamination that my being is, so does this pain and all we are doing is waiting upon this inevitably with every breath.


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