The week

This week was probably the most difficult week that I had faced so far, no dream, no hope only a glimmering light that this week would end. As a matter of fact I ended a day early. Yes, didn’t go to work, finally took a day off. But this I should have done long ago. Not just now. Because the excessive effort took its toll on my work. I always was a workaholic. There isn’t much in my life except that. Parents are a bit dysfunctional, always unhappy as my father just had retired. My mother is weak from all the mental support and household chores. She keeps believing in God though. As if a divine miracle is waiting around the corner for her. I do wonder if she is right or just pretending. Father had changed a lot, his mind is now only with sulk and restlessness as the family economy is in a bit of a crisis.

I am not a part of these as I keep myself at work for more than half a day. But I had to take a leave and this home that I have, has no or very little peace but I just want to get my old home back. My old self back. Especially the self that once made a bucket list, which is yet to be completed and by that I mean I need more ways than one to tick things off and make some peace with myself. I need money. Enough to finish my dreams and my parents’, I do pray for it every day.

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One thought on “The week

  1. All I want to say is Amen. Because what you said of the parents, I relate. Very much.
    And that bucket list. Sigh.

    Nice to see you on wordpress. Easy to follow your posts now 🙂

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