Just like that.

Oft I wondered as a child, in life what lay ahead.
So off I went and rushed right in where angels fear to tread.
I learnt a neat and groovy walk, an accent just as cool.
This I never could have known had I just stayed in school.
I’ll walk the ramp and answer everything that’s asked to me.
This will be done by a not-so-bright, but rich and powerful coterie.
I’ll tell ‘em just how wonderful and good a girl I’ve been.
A year or couple down the line, I’ll strut my stuff on screen.
I’ll heal the world and banish hunger and pain to hell.
And while I’m at it I’ll just do a film or two as well.
A judge once asked which man I’d choose, if I had just one date,
LalBahadurShastri said I would surely be my mate.
He was five feet three inches and I’m only five ten.
Don’t look at me like I was lying, I’m turned on by short men.
Another judge once chanced to ask what an ideal woman should be?
I pouted, giggled and said aloud, “Oh darling! That would be me.”
Getting here has been a climb with toil, silicon and sweat.
There were sleepless nights and family fights, but wait there’s still more yet.
I had to leave my brain behind, my self-respect was dead.
A bit of this, a bit of that, and a bit of head.
Being a beauty queen is not as easy as it looks.
This woman of substance does all that, and sweeps and cleans and cooks.


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