Not the way I want to see, not the way I wanted things to be,

he always had complains on his own life.

His cynicism as I call it now had driven him to the greatest heights

Of life, but alas he was alone. He found so many flaws in everything,

that he missed out on the good things.

His escape was a virtual world which lived in his phone,

Social networking  or a phone book they call it.

One day, the voices stopped, he stepped out

He saw a light, it was the sun

He ran a bit on the ground

It was a heavenly feeling,

He could find all the flaws that he saw had now made sense

Yes but his joy was short lived

A beep on his phone..

The phone has now been charged.

His land of imagination was again flawed

He took up his phone and started typing, again

No matter what it was, or how it were

Those 120 minutes of a sign called “battery low”

Was perhaps the happiest he had been.

Now he knew the truth, the fault was not with people

But with him, the way he had with people

Perhaps people should meet rather than just write without paper

The human connection was missing!




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