Just like that –

There are many pieces of time we wished we would not be us and many times we hoped that this joy is undeserving. Its only human to hope for joy in it truest sense. Pain. Yes only after pain or in pain that we can truly experience our triest joys, that once we lived in and dismissed and those memories are the only things that drives us through pain. So can we just say that let us be in pain all the time. Or its a “God’s” way? 


No its not! God had created this universe and he had set his rules, he gave birth to us and then left us to our own destinies. this is probably hard to under stand that the rules on which this universe is made a re self containing the universe has very basic laws and we complicate things way out of proportions. you see a complication only comes when too many simple things have been ignored and too many hopes have been set too high. 


Sticking to the beasic and wanting less and living a life of less and not more is going to make you happy.


Whether you are gonna die of malnutrition or a disease you can’t afford to cure. Die with peace. Die witha  smile. may be something more is there after that. 


you see after a certain point of morbid and unhappiness you think this is true and this is all that there is. Well think again..there are always rumors of hell 🙂


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