Gestures –

As the week came to an end, it was a relief. He a workaholic, she a student. They went out for a movie and then a walk by the park. They kept bumping into each other. Suddenly she stopped. A shooting star. She wished for them to be together always, the boy just said “it never works”. But little did he know about her wish.  She said, “may be this doesn’t work either anymore”, gesturing to their own selves. He tried to explain a lot, alas not enough words did he have to explain his love. So he took out his cell phone and played her favorite music, they danced for a bit. As the music was coming to an end so was the dance. She whispered something, but a question still tainted her mind, she asked “how did you know about this piece of music?” He had the simplest answer, “because this would last”, he said holding her a bit closer. And the music came to an end, so did the dance. Never did she ask him again.




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