It was the final Byteyear then I realized that we are stuck on a bridge. You see, it was the end of the world. We had created so many things, in our life times that finally the creations have had turned against us. The interesting part in all of this was that, I was its inceptor. It was about 60 years ago when medical innovation was in its highest peak and all we had to do was breathe and nothing else. We had machine to do everything else, even live. I had ben working non-stop on a way to integrate the human brain into machines as the leaders of the world were too engrossed on saving themselves from being rotten away in this fleshy selves which they had had come in.

Any how on the final days of the Byteyears, I had perfected such a system. It was regarded as a miracle. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of a byte year, it comprises of 1024 months. Any how. As we progressed the chief senator Mr. Hankmonhan Hings who was not much of a talker was selected as the first test subject for the experiment we so adoringly named, “Gresscon”. It had been an anagram from something from the past. The primary reason why the Health Council agreed on Mr. Hings implementation was because of his lack of much needed intelligence in the era.

Well he was inducted in the Gresscon hive in seconds. Then Lady Nomia was integrated and slowly the entire senate was a collection of hardware stored in a place that we can not even imagine.

So as the days passed the entire population abandoned their human bodies and pretty soon we didn’t have enough men to run the facilities. The only humanoid senator left was Mr. Halgu Rangi. He was an irish man.

Well so the system was put into an auto-drive and Mr. Rangi was supposed to work with a work Drone named Arn-RPB. I was supposed to stay back for a few days in order to see how things were going.

Moving was processing fine. Its was only me Rangi and ArnB left. A very fine night I inducted Mr. Rangi into the system and it took hardly a couple of seconds, it was even quicker than Hings’ anyway.

Finally it was time for me to go in. As I saw ARNB he was staring at the windows. It seems he had developed a persona while interacting with Rangi, Hings and Lady Nomia and others.

You see he had understood a very simple fact. That the bodies left behind would decay and eventually everything would end. The idea that everything gets ruined and slowly it all meets an end was an unsettling fact. He now was apprehensive that he would end too and hence the facility would meet its demise eventually. The hive mind made now no sense. So he wanted to do the inevitable.

The night before my inception ARNB had walked into the Bridge (the command center) and had flicked the red button. Thus wiping every single soul. And all that was left now was me and ARNB on the floor as I recall the next morning. A chill runs down my spine.

After all man was destroyed by his own creation and his own will to survive. As I see today. 6 byte years after the incident. I am an endangered species. Amazingly, I can’t help but escape a smile every time I think of this incident.

Such an incident can’t be defined as evil. But to me and my solitude, it was.

Spending the last few days with a machine was not exactly what I had in mind when I first created the Bridge for Gresscon.

I bet none of the 70 billion population in Gresscon wanted to die. But they were, as soon as they made the final leap over that last straw.




One thought on “Bridge

  1. this is intriguing stuff. Powerful imagination at work. I think a little more polishing and more background coupled with a slight tweak in the narrative style will go a long way. This is promising! Write more!

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