Work; life –

In life do you know what’s the absolute best moment is? It’s actually the life giving you a choice to live it. The time to understand it and the moments to enjoy it. There is nothing much more than what we all seem to live it for. Though sometimes we might do several things to get laid, write certain things to out do some others. But however in the end its life’s inevitable truth that it comes to end.

You see life has many wishes, in many phases in life. The time when you are young you enjoy your li8fe of being a learner, yes you grow seasoned you tend to become a teacher; the most important thing is never to forget the lessons life has taught us. The people that we have met in the journey and the minds and hearts that we have touched during its course.

Many of you out there are blessed with a family, but do we ever wonder much about them? Because it’s what was given to us and usually is never enough. So we seek out new families, which are not always of our blood, but of friendship. Yes, I did realize that one wish that was granted to me so very late in life was that I of friendship. It is not always people, sometimes, for us it can be most common case of objects, lying unfailing making a mark on our lives every single day. For I found it in my work. In my job.

It gave me an opportunity to understand that people are not as rigid as I once thought. Perhaps how juvenile my thought process may be, but yes its true I did think that and had even been proven right quite often. However it’s the period later to the proof that makes it worthwhile. When we see that the over abundance of people’s stubbornness can be superseded by a simple smile or a nice gesture. Most of you are too young to understand this and this is the truth. Even when in case of a woman.

One of the tricks with women is an unexpected gift, at an unexpected time.

Seasons change, while I am in the winter of my life and you may be in your spring, the true realization of life is supposed to dawn on you when you least expect it. The true purpose of your existence and the true way through the woods of feeling, ambitions and hopes. The most important thing in life as in any journey is to not to lose faith, it’s kind of like praying, it never hurts. Only if you don’t let it, and have it in ample supply.

Some one once told me, life is equally unfair to all.




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