Love, God, Trust & Faith

What is God? According to our daily beliefs he is something that judges us. Looks after us. An imaginary friend of the, a perfect entity created by us in this flawed existence trying to justify our every deed we do. Then again we try to kill this feat of our imagination by means of doing something that doesn’t adhere to those flawed standards. Sins or crime or an act against nature. Come to think of it nature is the law of averages. Simple mathematical figures that drives us on a daily basis, to make us continue to exist as bags of chemicals.

If God really existed He would have to be incredibly stupid or extremely cruel. If He really wants to care about us. He always creates a rift by which the believers say we better ourselves. Then why go into something negative and destroy that person to make him learn a lesson that he could be taught in a simple way. Again it comes down to our faith. Now this is the most infectious of the conditions. Yes, religion is a following but faith just appears, be it God, a person or your ownself.

We are flawed, anything created us is flawed. We are a sum total of a cosmic accident which took place with a probability relatively likely for this or any universe.

Then why do we believe? God created man, or Man created God still remains a questions that needs an answer.

We want to do a lot of things and our bodies are a prison ruled by this myth of right and wrong, sometimes so misplaced that we lose the key, which is our mind in the pursuit of the same.

If something of an higher power existed, would he really care what we put in our digestive track. What we do when we are alone. Its just a set of flawed premonitions created someone as ordinary as us.

We live in pain, and that is completely unbiased. It comes to any and all of us. Without any prejudice.

Doesn’t God, actually feel like pain. Or is it another way to irrationally rationalize that too. Just one thing though, if you talk to God you are religious, you have an unquestioned faith, but if he talks back to you, or even listens to you, you are psychotic.

If in God we trust, and everybody lies, doesn’t that make trust a redundant commodity?

And if love is based on trust, it truly is the most remarkable lie we all look forward to.

“The angst and faith in our deeper, inner voices aptly communicates the anxiousness that a man faces when he questions his existence. But its at the wee hours of the night that we long for a murmur in our heads, other than our own. A soft susurration perhaps. A company for counting the sheep till dawn.”




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