All language have a voice of their own, but they say the same thing. You see we don’t know any language until we are introduced to it. Same is the case with God. I came to know of God from my grandfather, who had always been a source of religion in the house. He believed in all religion, Hindu, Muslim, Christianity. It was like he believed in all religion and none of them at all. I never really understood why.

Krishna the God from the Hindu religion who is least bothered about our existence because we are the stuff of his dreams and also points to a simple fact of life is that we truly are insignificant. Now comes Islam and Christianity where the prophets had always sacrificed themselves for the sins of Humanity.

I can’t imagine a place where God would really be interested in all of the affairs, all of the trivial things we do, every single day, what we put in our digestive tract or what we won’t. It really doesn’t matter. If he cares so much about us, where is he when something bad happens? We simply blame him, when something good happens, we blame him for disasters. The irony is either he is doing everything or he is doing nothing at all. And has left all of us to chance, our existence.

This raises doubt, but this has even strengthened the basis of humanity and especially faith, the later being more contagious of the symptoms.

You see we all want to go to heaven or hell, and we think if we do something right we might land up somewhere better, the sheer and simple concept of heaven or hell. But its now, life is now all that it matters is life, in this very specific moment. If God ruins it for some reason, I am not particularly sure or my sense of humor is universally defective.

If everything changes and everybody lies, aren’t we all just playing the fool when it comes to hope, faith or trust.

I guess all I am saying is either God doesn’t exist or he is unimaginably cruel.


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