Like a melted sapphire is this moment. A blue silence all over. Precious it is. Neither there’s land nor is the sky in sight. The reluctant wind blow and leaves too. Telling me that only I am here. Only I am here, my breath and my heart beats.

Such depth and such loneliness, and isolation and I only me, I believe in my existence now.

Something on only a mind that didn’t come on my lips to be worded. Its peeks from the eyes, may be from you or from me, it asks for a grace of few words.

It tries to hold the embrace of breath and words and flow out into the world, but the feeling is a feeling, not a word fit in for it.

It must float as if it were a perfume, a scent which has no voice, no words to define it.

We do however know it, you know it, and I know it, these secrets aren’t hidden from the world but yet they are clandestine.

Whenever the clouds of pain spread across.

When the shadows of pain stretch over.

When the tears shed from the eyes and the lonely heart is scared.

I explained to my heart, that why do we fall

It happens in this world, a regular affair it seems.

These deep abandonment you feel, it’s fair to all as it were distributed to every soul.

Time has way of being unfair to all, a little sunshine is ours so is a bit of sadness. The tears you shed are for no reason.

Each moment is a new spring even in winter. If we want them to be.

I wonder why we lose such moments.

And why the heart cries.

If you kept the yearnings of your heart, you are alive

If you still have dreams and hope, you are alive.

Be free as the gust of winds that fly by.

Like the waves of the deep blue sea which have no constraint.

Learning the freedom from them is what I want you to seek.

Meet every moment with open arms.

Everyone and everyday should meet a new me, a new self of me.

If still you have wonder in your heart, you are alive, if you kept the yearnings of your heart, you are alive.

Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve, what you want.

I wonder if we can truly ask forgiveness from God after what we have done to each other. Then again I see this place and remember

God had forsaken this place long ago.






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