Current Affairs from Kolkata, India

I was going through the news today. I took pride in my city a long a time ago. The people were warm here. But it seems it has changed a lot and this city of joy isn’t much different from any other dark corner of the world. The AMRI fire, the Nandigram incident and of course the defiling of women on our lands seems to have become a regular affair.

The things we do everyday has some meaning I suppose, somewhere its all marked and written in stone and some of them can never be undone. The things we do to our kind.

The police will blame the politics, politicians, the government, people pass the blame to everyone else. Men to women. Women to men. Clothes. Education. We have learnt to pass things well. Even the things that matter. All it takes is a melancholy incident for nothing to happen.I do hope still some one watching over us.

But then sometimes I wonder… will God ever forgive us for what we’ve done to each other?

Then I look around and I realize…God left this place a long time ago.




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