Many a times we come across situations where we really are provoked, worse yet feel provoked. And those times we just freeze, at least most of us do. The reason is simple, we do not know what to say. Confrontational abilities may be lacking and we just mistake it to a conversational disorder.

You see we wish that we could say something, right at that moment to stop them. To be vengeful of the words that were thrown quite atrociously at us for reasons best known to them.

However be careful what you wish for. We are a breed of thinker and blessed or cursed with conscience and may be if we have just the right words to tell them, and if we did, its quite inevitable that remorse might follow. Worse yet. Guilt.

Its not our fault. Ernest Hemingway quite rightly pointed out,things that can be truly wicked began at innocence. How ever in this case, ignorance scopes quite firmly well.




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