On the day of marriage its was just Snow White and Neville Longbottom standing at the altar, pledging their vows and the priest was Justice Dorothy. She performed the ceremony after she had just removed the an in junction from getting them to be married in the Supreme Courts of Imaginland.

The wedding had quite a list of who’s who from the Kingdom of Far far away and Underland. I was at table 9 and three quarters, sharing it with Bulgakov’s Devil, the cheshire cat and Mr. Harry Potter. We all were discussing about the new bottles of particle physics that Cheshire had brought from underland, he says it cost him quite a bit of hat to get it from the Hatter’s Vineyard.

Suddenly this tidy affair comes to a halt as the Sons of Ipswitch walked in. Yes, they were the nobility and a power to reckon with. Any how the cat smiled, the devil wished me the best and left me and Harry in conversation.

That bloke doesn’t quite give off a good conversation and suddenly started making a clicking sound. I just felt a jolt and awoke, I saw myself in the woods all alone by myself.

Not knowing what to do I walked a mile or two and found a house made of candy, planed to stay for the night there.

Little did I know, it was Hotel California, I spent the night in.


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