I work for Europe’s largest consulting house and currently I am in Pune. The most I loved about this job was that they had told me I would get an independence while I work. But it didn’t happen that way.

After I joined work I was put in a project for all eternity which added no progress to my career but wasted my entire life. Any way I just walked out of there and I was pulled into a role in Pune.

Here I have a weird problem the manager suits with the pretty lady leads and I end up doing all the work. Most leads don’t work. And they have ways to manipulate the team members to work.

Any way I had the luck of working with someone who makes me writer all the reports and do all the hard work literally and send the status email every day. Which is also what I type for her.

Yes she cant write her own damn emails. I really don’t care. I know after a few days I will have left this company. Buy I broke my leg there and the manager had to give me leave. During this course of 5 weeks the person who replaced me ran away on a fake medical leave and the lead was given a release as well and note the manager wants me to comeback quickly and start working.

I really don’t want to go back to that hell. Some how I am dreading my recovery.

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