A day without women!

It was 9 AM and Antar had had finally a break through. It was a Sunday morning and he was really worn out and not because of the day before. Being a geneticist he hardly had a social life. A simple man he is. He respected his elders, loved his younger and had ample happiness towards his peers, social and professional.

Anyway, his final break came when he realized that women are complete and far superior in emotional intellect than men. He was making a cup of tea at the time and he heard his neighbor and his wife making an argument about something that wasn’t clear. However the woman really knew or at least could pretend to know about things in a far better way than the man.

So something clicked and the wheels of fate turned. He started tinkering with his pod. A huge mechanical device that would take the essence of a woman. This machine or automaton could indeed regenerate human beings. And infact one could re-engineer their DNA as well creating far superior beings and intellectually advanced as well.

The initiator had to be a man. So he didn’t think that an FDA approval was required for him to test his machine on himself. So he did what Dr. Jekyl did. He tried it on himself.

As the day progressed so did his offspring in the artificial womb. And he was happy.

Antar was always an introvert and was always shy of women, and like any indian man he never argued or pursued women that he came in contact with. However, when he came back to work on Monday the secretary who always had Antar as an opening joke couldn’t talk to him. She was rather afraid of him. His female manager was extremely polite to him for reasons he couldn’t fathom and as the day progressed he even came across a girl who seemed keenly interested in him. As the day ended he came back home and to his lab to see that the fetus was stable and doing fine and was already nearing completion.

As he cooked his meal and washed his clothes he could he could barely control his excitement. The next day he didn’t feel any urge and could effectively control his morning erection. Then he realised that the procedure might have changed him in a way. And for the better.

Now imagine a day when men won’t need women and they won’t pay heed to what women wore. Or the day when he wouldn’t care about keeping women happy. Or a day where he need not walk on egg-shells and take that extra shift because that girl might be on her periods or she complained of a stomach ache.

What if women became vestigial and such a machine to create offsprings. I mean we already can cook and clean and many of us survive on our own what if we just could do that without women while creating an advanced race of human beings.

No more fears of a woman, where a man tries to be a man. Women could roam free and men would stay with their machines.

The problem of procreation is resolved. And men won’t bother with women anymore.

Imagine a day when men would not need women and women won’t be paid any attention to. Then what would be our evolutionary purpose? Nothing, but to better ourselves.

A day when men would be lonely and women would be incomplete…


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