“Death is life’s single most important creation” – A way to move forward

Death has always fascinated me. In an orderly grotesque way that could explain a lot of things in my life. I never liked the explanation before until I realised that life is the journey and death is the ultimate destination. All we are doing is working towards a good death and in the way making things happen that either glorifies our existence or our deaths. There has to be a way to break this cycle, but it can’t be broken.

As I see the truth taking form in front of me. I realise that it’s not a real scare, it’s a motivation to keep going. You never know which day is your last. You live your life long enough on the term that your life is the end of the journey and you soon fail and cant slowly take the burden of yourself and it starts to show. If death be your ultimate destination whatever you do doesn’t really have a consequence not even a single iota or reflection on this cosmos. Your heart is lighter, your mind gets sharper and you can go on.

Always staying in the way of life will destroy you, it would result in something of a dogma of yourself which was constricted by people of your surroundings. You need to live your own life in the fear of death and go on everyday without a single fear and ask yourself if you like what you do if the pain that you take each day is worth taking or is it just something you want to leave as side and go on do something else entirely and move away from.

Pick something that you want to do and passionately do it, do it with love. Keep your sorrows bottled and find relief in your work. There’s no end to this. It really is a matter of dollars and cents which lets your life goes on in a limited tone. You must break free with apathy and find solace in melancholy.

Personally I choose to believe that people choose the outcomes that are more comforting and the rationalisations are their way of escaping their negligence’s to make a decision.

There’s no escape from death, no escape from sorrows, and that should be your motivation to do something that you love, and your will to overcome will automatically appear if you can do what you want to do.



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