Durga Pujo and its Symbolism

I had this friend back in my school. This guy used to say to all things “bhai pujor shomoy korbo”. It means I’ll do it during the Durga Pujas. We weren’t a blessed set of kids. But our parents ensured we studied in the best of schools. Anyway, this habit of him eventually became a joke. And we implied he’d go to the washroom during the same time of the year that well. It wasn’t about Durga pujo or anything at all. It’s just that people in Kolkata are more charitable during this festivals and many of its residents depended on such things. Anyway, I hear he is doing well for himself now. The glee of Pujo had always gotten every one a pair of new clothes some good food and a reward to their faith. I hope the Bengalis will respect this tradition and not get lost in their own pursuits because this time of the year makes the city go round for the rest of the year. The rest of the year wherever we are, we built up enthused to do lists but for some I see the spirit famished off its fire. Well for them, I say, come home Goa or Samoa can wait. Come home.

Symbolism of Goddess Durga :

Literally translated, the word ‘Durga’ in Sanskrit means a fort. For her devotees, the word Durga means the Shakti who eliminates all sufferings or ‘Durgatinashini’. The legend is that whenever her devotees needed the Shakti to ward off evil for their lives, Goddess Durga manifested in one of her many forms and vanquished the demons. Goddess Durga’s image symbolizes power and divinity as well as compassion for her devotees.

The Weapons Of Maa Durga –

1. Trishul – The trident of Lord Shiva is the main weapon of Maa Duga which she uses to slay the demons. It symbolizes the three gunas – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. It is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons in Hinduism.

2. Sudarshan Chakra – This is another important weapon that Durga holds in one of her hands. It signifies the power of the Goddess over the entire Universe. It was gifted to her by Lord Vishnu.

3. Conch shell or Shankha – This conch shell was gifted to Maa Durga by Lord Varuna. It is the symbol of the sacred sound of ‘Om’, which is the most primitive sound in the Universe. It resembles Maa Shakti’s role as the energy behind creation.

4. Bow and Arrow- The bow and arrows held by the Goddess symbolize both potential (bow) and kinetic (arrow) energies. It points to the fact that Maa Durga is in control of all energies in the Universe.

5. Thunderbolt- The thunderbolt gifted by Lord Indra is another item Maa Durga holds in her hands. Thunder is a symbol of rage and anger and these qualities are a part of Maa Durga, who destroys evil ruthlessly.

6. Sword – Maa Durga also carries a sword in her hand. The sharp blade of this sword signifies divine knowledge that shines through all the darkness.

7. Half-bloomed lotus – The half-bloomed lotus is a sign of humility and success. Its underlying meaning is that, although success and prosperity are achievable goals, one shall not take them for granted.

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Maa is calling. Where are you? 🙂

I am here. I hope you all come too.


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