A beautiful life :

How to live,
and not to lie.
To learn to smile,
after a few troubled mile.
To walk in the road and chase a dream.
To daily slog after all the gleam.
Often a man tired of his lofty quest.
Gives up on his life and surrender to death.
An pat of mirth we all seek.
A simple life we could lead.
Chose some dreams to follow instead.
Nothing happens but some butter and bread.
Life was good a distant memory.
Life’s now a prayer for mortuary.
Such words lead us back.
Back to a moment of mirth and laughter.
A point between serenity and anger.
A daily run will always make you stronger.
But its your life, the lines tell you to breathe.
Not to wallow and seethe.
Every dawn hopes arise.
Some days the pessimists await surprise.
Awaiting your home,
your life and the nights
you spent built your Rome.
Come have some glee,
Here’s a cup of tea.


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