A work day after a vacation.

The next evening I boarded the flight back to Pune. Had my stay sorted as I had been away for a while. It would be like any other ordinary day of my life except for one thing. I bought a few items at the grocery store and met with a shady character for some business.

The next morning I woke up in my room. All alone and away from the people in of my town. I was numb to my toes. It was cold during this time of the year. I readied myself and ate the little sweets my mother had packed the night before.

While getting ready I took two things out of the ordinary the rat poison I purchased the other night and the gun I bought. It was a .22 calibre pump action with magazines of 10 round each. This was a splendid purchase as he had given me a free magazine as well.

Armed with thirty bullets and some treat poison I started my day. I first bought a box of sweets right outside the office and added just enough poison for the 28 people working with me. It was supposed to be a Diwali treat. As usual entered office at 9 AM with a broken soul and a sad heart. No one knows I existed not did any one care. The manager walks in on me and hands some assignment which he knows will take more than the allocated 9 hours. Anyway, I offered him a sweet and a smiled.

He ate it and announced on our group email that I had brought sweets for all. There was this girl I liked in office, she smiled and had a piece and the office jester who made jokes enjoyed one as well. Eventually the box was empty.

I knew in two more hours they would feel the effects and be drowsy.

Meanwhile I went back to my car and prepared the gun for the carnage that was about to begin. To get it past security I bribed the security guards in a subtle way hinting that it had alcohol and he didn’t speak much. My office was on the 9th floor, I boarded the elevator and as soon as it opened. I walked straight to my managers desk and shot him. The blood showed out from his head. Most people couldn’t move much. I shot them one by one and trust me it was cathartic. All those years of indifference had come back to haunt them from the barrels of my gun.

There pretty girl, I shot twice.

I was left with the last bullet, and the last bullet was for the HR lady. The young and pretty girl who had ignored my transfer requests repeatedly. I didn’t poison her. I wanted her to feel the pain in her head when I shot her. And then I beat her relatively for around 20 minutes until my hands could take no more. I loved the blood gushing out of her. Her fear, her loss of hope. Like I have felt for the last 5 years. It was invigorating. And the most round of bullet was pushed into her eye from my gun. It was freedom. The sounds of the bullet the cow eyes and the blood on the pristine office cubicles.

It gave me such a nice feeling that I sat there and had a cup of tea. I liked Darjeeling always.

Finally I called the police and joined the client call at 4pm sent the daily report and informed the client of their indisposition.

Walked right out of the open window at 6:30 pm after finishing my work and fixing the production issue.

In a way I liberated them all.


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