May be later.

It’s just a nice response our body has created. We can accept anything given enough time and tries. That way I have come to terms with the fact that I should be happy that I am alive and I should be happy that I woke up today or something like that.

But right after everyone goes to sleep a voice in my head wants to live. To breathe and be something that it wasn’t all day. I’m not sure if its happiness or company or peace or money. But its just that this voice needs to be shut up. In situations like mine we cannot afford the luxury of such indulgences for ourselves. We have given the control of our lives long ago first parents then professors then managers and human resources.

Most of us should just comply with the terms that the wealthy or prosperous ones see fit and surrender our souls. In a way we sell a tiny part of ourselves for some money. We sell our precious time for money and they know they got a bargain. You see human resources are arbitrageur who work for the sole purpose to exploit you. To make you sell yourself short and feel happy about it.

It’s nothing personal, it’s just that we were taught from an early childhood that pathetic was better than glory or happiness. I wish I could break free but I’ve work tomorrow, so may be later and that later won’t ever come.


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