Intolerant India…Happy Diwali…Please give it a read

👉Quota system  – India tolerant…and it continues…

👉Sikh riots – India tolerant
👉Bhagalpur riots – India tolerant
👉Nirbhaya episode – India tolerant
👉Muzaffarnagar riots – India torerant
👉1976 Emergency by Indira Gandhi – India tolerant
👉Hoisting of J&K flag on independence day instead of Indian flag – India tolerant
👉Vice President Hamid Ansari not wanting to participate in Vande Mantram – India tolerant
👉1993 Mumbai riots – India tolerant
👉Writers accepting awards from the same Congress responsible for 1984 and Bhalgarpur riots – India tolerant
👉26/11 Mumbai attacks – India tolerant
👉Corruption of 2G, Coalgate, CWG – India tolerant
👉Farmers committing suicide – India tolerant
👉Rising prices, crumbling infrastructure, limping middle class – India tolerant
👉Killing and fleeing of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits from Kashmir – India tolerant
👉Pakistan killing civilians and soldiers – India tolerant
👉US told by few Indian parliamentarians signing letter to not to allow Narendra Modi – India tolerant
👉All India Muslim Personal Law Board says Ram born in Pakistan – India tolerant
👉Masoists killing civillians and Indian Police/Army till date – India tolerant
👉Nasbandi by Sanjay Gandhi – India tolerant
👉Division of India (Pakistan, Bangladesh, PoK, Aksai Chin) – India tolerant

oh my god India has become ‘Intolerant’.
suddenly..why??? I didn’t see any awards being returned for such blunders before.

What happened suddenly? If not for the current government we would have never tried to stand up on our own two feet. But I believe toleration is more important than moving forward. Indian are meant to be ruled, simple, they are Idiots, they want to watch the world burn and complain about it and screw down the people who actually attempt to do something about it.


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