And the festive cheer…

Buy 1 get 3 free,
Hatred anger gluttony…
Surreal reality…
Heart quenching blasphemy
Brethren, bottled imagery
Christ has been pinned,
Communists, fascists… tyranny

Sale is on at the store!
Mothers, sisters, sinisters galore,
Bring out that animal at the fore,
God’s held ransom, Devil’s boat has stuck the shore.
Oh what manly furore!!!
With castrated wishes, but upright magnetic uproar!!

We accept credit cards as well,
When our greed tends to swell…
In sarcophagal chambers we dwell
Inconspicously conscious of the conscience that fell,
We make merry, serengetti’s gazelle…
Priviledged to serve our “esteemed” clientele
Blissfully unaware, of the chiming deathknell.

Lucky draw coupons while you out,
Smiling face, reality’s won the bout
Who cares, what the beater says, who cares if the makers doubt
We are the torchlit buccaneers of this civilization,
Creation, destruction, liberation devout!!!!


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