On @twitter

Here’s an idea. If you cherish or have a talent for, words, pictures or music: Something that’s not visual and you display them purely under your talent, online or offline, unadulterated with the froth and foam of yourself. You let your skill and talent become and idea. Your “thing” becomes something more than just a thing.  It becomes an idea. Resilient. A symbol. Something that can’t be ignored nor destroyed or abused. Its pure art. You can truly let your self out under this mask of who you think you are. Your true interpretation of yourself. You let your work do the talking. You become the very definition of your work. People recognise you as a part of your work.

That’s who I am here on twitter. That’s why I hide in this veil of anonymity. It’s a comfort not many will find or look for. The idea that was shaped by your past, the talent you honed, gives way to the reality of your future. The skeletons in your closet. The ghosts that haunt you and eventually define your sunny days. The way you look at things start to change as you take yourself out of the equation completely.

The catharsis is perfectly immaculate.





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