Cadaver’s speak:

Cadavers talk and sway,

In the grave yard they play,

Alive and well they dwell

Your mind, cast such spell

In such sorrow shaded

In crimson and pale

As your sins ascend from hell

On your blood will they dwell

Knowing an unknown isn’t luxury

It gives way to a necessity.

Broken I lay drying in a grave,

Awaiting the day for her to meet the raze.

The scarlet sins of her will raise.

Risen corpses will cry away,

The night will be lost in a few chimes.

Time is the grave, and you the corpse,

Death, the life and a world wouldn’t pause.

Your heart breaks several days,

Your life goes unseen in glares.

One day truly one fades,

Nothing you claim remains.

Just a box full of bones and shadows,

In some one’s memories lane down below.


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