Choice of men to women on @twitter

Love as we all know is very easy to feel and damn hard to be in. So I figured why not ask a fair amount of the population what they might think. Recently I met this girl at work, she is fairly attractive and we occasionally have coffee together. During our conversations I had come to realize that she was conflicted between two guys, a nice and unemployed guy who is rich by birth and a really busy guy who works for an MNC but I doubt he has a moral compass. In this above polls it becomes quite clear that when it comes to choosing a man clearly his employment is a much bigger deal. However when it comes to choosing a woman her loyalty and her happiness are the driving factors.

As the inference can be easily drawn from the unisex poll and the poll pertaining to choosing of “guys” women clearly give more priority to a man with a job despite his niceness or a future prospect, the present situation is the major contributing factor, and men on a whole are looking for loyalty and happiness. I am not making any allegations here, a fair amount of people have voted on this. However there is one happy news, looks and charms really do not matter it seems when one is looking for a partner. So statistically an ideal partner as perceived even by the current society must be a man who is earning and woman who is loyal and happy.

But the pure form of utopia an employed and busy person who is happy is an ideal partner (likelihood of such an individual is least existent), for people looking for a man. For people looking for woman, loyalty and happiness are the driving factor.

A cold fact of the matter is, if you are looking for women one must have money only then you could afford a partner. If you are a woman, niceness, loyalty and happiness would sell well in the market.poll


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