A mid-summer night’s raze and lair by @oxymoronic_me and @SoulScrawls ft. @awsmbong

The quill and the paper,
a reflection of the beast,
A remembrance and ardor,
for the love they resist.
I can taste the ink
dark, unforgiving.
The darkness caress the light that was lit long ago in acridness,
the stars be purged in the crimson catharsis.
The images seek nothing but darkness,
the still waters of distance engulf the shining stars and burn them to ashes.
Scrawled my demons
on this torn page
and they simply took over..
to break me.
Once the noise was music and essence,
not the lull is defining,
Nestling trophies of silence,
the quiet is deafening.
The crimson night
a full moon light
her charms, a man, a mirror
she made a proper sinner.
The love that once was warm and raised,
is not a shadowed past as behoved
From dusk to dawn nothing changes,
the tears freeze in time and reminds
me of his never lasting love.
Memoirs of a sinner
written on her body
with an ink only she can see
of shame and monstrosity.
It was often open,
smiled upon a time
now in this hue..
Swallowed the keys.
I don’t love you.
Broken I am, lost i was,
By her found I was,
love nourished my heart from a break,
I have for the little princess by the lake.
She’s the most lovely
girl I know,
she’s the reason
of all the things that glow.
Dawn breaking the night
is her laughter, a sight
eyes as dark as the abyss she made me leave,
the woman in black is the mirth’s eve
The day ends and not a moment too soon,
I follow the moon not lost o’er swith,
Sometimes you are as lonely as the moon.
Never lost but no one to be with.
The want to live with a soul, and abandon apathy,
The hope to bereave the past in an hour of infinity.
And then the promiscuous pain lights the path,
walking all over the happiness that had promised to live for eternity.


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